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Blog Post: Women's Building Block Party

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

The Women’s Building Block Party- October 13th 2018

On Saturday, October 12, 2018, the organization I am associated with

(Women’s Press Collective), had the privilege of having our own booth at the annual Women’s building Block Party. This annual event is in celebration of the construction of a community building that will help other women organizations, activists, business leaders and community members to have a new space that will serve as a home for them. This building is on 20th Street and 10th Avenue where the former Bay view Correctional Facility was once held. The Women’s Building has a 99 year lease which will be plenty of time for us to make a difference.

)There are various women groups that were in attends during this event that are making a differences in the world today. For our organization, we are a group of writers, printers and graphic designer in order to give a voice for low incoming and working women. We work with individuals that on low income that does not have a voice. We help them, through our free benefit program, with creating and printing their own books, flyers to truly tell their own stories.

I was able to have the privilege of meeting great organizations as well as organizations that were similar to those of my organization which is involved media. There were several organizations that caught my attention:

1. The Venceremos Brigade: This organization connects Americans and Cubans together in order to overcome the blockade enforce by America on Cuba. In 1969, a coalition of young people form the Venceremos ( “ We Shall Overcome”) Briage , as a means of showing solidarity with the Cuban Revolution by working side by side with Cuban Workers. Over the last four and half decades, the V.N has given over 8.000 people from the U.S the opportunity for life-changing experience.

Nomi Network- The Nomi Network exist to connect leaders to organization that work with survivors and vulnerable communities where there are high instances of human trafficking. It is an urban-based program which focuses on working with existing social service providers and enterprises to strengthen reintegration for survivors, business growth, job creation and market competitiveness.

There were many other festivals that were occurring such as performances by the Brooklyn Express Drum Line, Lady Dragons Step Team and viBe Theater Experience.

Overall the event was great to attend and opened my eyes to see the great organizations that are helping women advance not only here in America, but it various parts in the country. I highly suggest anyone that is in the New York area should come and visit this annual event.

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