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New Artist: Crooked Coast

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Crooked Coast was formed in the summer of 2012 by Cape Cod natives Luke Vose, John McNamara, Ben Elder and Charles Walton. Crooked Coast is a place created out of dreams and built from the ground up. The spirit of freedom and DIY is alive and well.

“ I think our music is pretty accessible so our crowd really runs the gamut.

1. Listening to your music, your music sound is all over the place! ( It such a good way!) Its a really cool sound, what were some of your influences musically now and growing up?

Our music being super eclectic is definitely a reflection of our varied influences. Really early influences run from the Stokes, Blink 182 and Rancid to Nas, Biggie and Dr. Dre. Lots of reggae and some outlaw country too. Lately in the van we've been listening to a lot the Growlers, The Voids, Drake and the Migos. It's pretty all over the place and we are always listening to new music.

2. What was the inspiration of the name ‘ Cooked Coast’? 

The name was inspired by the coastline we call home but we’ve also always been very DIY focused and into building our own world. Crooked Coast is a universe we’ve created and everyone is welcome there.

3. Has growing up in MA, influence your sound? if so, how? I would say it’s definitely influenced our sound. Growing up the Cape was a big party a couple months of the year and Siberia the rest. That contrast really shaped us as musicians. Also meeting and playing in front of people from all over the world in the summer taught us a lot. It was like touring but having the world come to us.

5. Has the political agenda of America influence your sound? Is so, how?

I'm not sure how the national political climate has affected the band directly but try to do our part locally. We throw some benefit shows throughout the year for the school music programs, toy drives and the service center. We aren't driving matching Ferrari's or anything but we've been lucky to be able to make the music we want to and thrive doing it. We try to pay that forward.

6. Speaking as a Hip-Hop head myself ( well sort of, lol), I know Kid Cudi has been highly influential to a lot of newer hip hop artist, how has his music influence your guys sound or hip hop in general?

Funny you should mention him because we are all fans. We actually cover Up Up and Away sometimes.He has a great ability for mixing hip hop, rock, electronic and r&b without it ever feeling forced. He's kind of underrated. I think you hear his influence everywhere from his melodies to vulnerable, heart on the sleeve songwriting style.

7.  What sort of demographic does your music draw? Young? Old? Hipsters? 

We have pretty wide ranging fan base. I mean the majority of people going to to see live music are in their 20’s so a lot of college kids but also we get surprised when we meet fans who are in their 60’s. I think our music is pretty accessible so our crowd really runs the gamut. Whatever we are saying in a song we always want the crowd to know the hook by the end. I think that accessibly turns off some people who are super hipsters but honestly we see metal heads, punks, hipsters and hip hop fans at our shows who just get drawn into the party. I’ve had people come up after a show and be like, “honestly I don’t really like your kind of music but that was so fun.” I guess that’s a compliment. Little kids love it too. The last couple years we’ve been playing some of the local elementary schools. Friends who work in the schools say they see kids wearing our shirts and hats so there’s a whole new generation of fans coming up.

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